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Full text of "The graduating exercises of the Fifty-seventh session (1951)"

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Main Building 

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1. Join All the Glorious Names 

Join all the glorious names, 

Of wisdom, love, and power, 
That ever mortals knew, 
That angels ever bore; 
All are too mean to speak His worth. 
Too mean to set my Saviour forth. 
Jesus, my great High Priest, 
Offered His blood and died; 
My guilty conscience seeks 
No sacrifice beside: 
His powerful blood did once atone, 
And now it pleads before the throne. 
My Saviour and my Lord, 

My Conqueror and my King! 
Thy sceptre and Thy sword 
Thy reigning grace, I sing: 
Thine is the power; behold, I sit 
In willing bonds beneath Thy feet. 

2. 4 Mighty Fortress Is Our God ^ 

A Mighty fortress is our God, 

A bulwark never failing: 
Our Helper, He, amid the flood 
Of mortal ills prevailing. 
For still our ancient foe 
Doth seek to work us woe; 
His craft and power are great. 
And, armed with cruel hate, 
On earth is not his equal. 
Did we in our own strength confide. 

Our striving would be losing; 
Were not the right Man on our side. 
The Man of God's own choosing. 
Dost ask who that may be? 
Christ Jesus, it is He; 
Lord Sabaoth is His name. 
From age to age the same. 
And He must win the battle. 
And though this world, with devils filled, 

Should threaten to undo us; 
We will not fear, for God hath willed 

His truth to triumph through us. ^ 

Let goods and kindred go, ^ 

This mortal life also; 
The body they may kill : 
God's truth abideth still. 
His kingdom is for ever. 

3. Help Me O Lord 

Help me, O Lord, the God of my salvation! 

I have no hope, no refuge, but in Thee: 

Help me to make this perfect consecration, 

In life or deatli Thine evermore to be. 

Help me, O Lord, to keep my pledge unbroken! 

Guard Thou my ways, my thoughts, my tongue, my heart; 

Help me to trust the word which Thou hast spoken, 

That from Thy paths my feet may ne'er depart. 

Help me, O Lord! My strength is only weakness, 

Thine, thine the power by which alone I live; 

Help me each day to bear the cross with meekness. 

Till Thou at last the promised crown shall give. 


William Inrig President 

G. G. Richardson, C.A Treasurer 

J. B. Rhodes E. G. Baker 

John McNicol W. Willis Naylor 

A. E. Armstrong John Inglis 

John Westren J- H- Hunter 


Rev. Robert Barr, M.A. 
Rev. Stewart Boehmer 
Rev. E. A. Brownlee, 

B.A., B.Th. 
Rev. W. A. Cameron, D.D. 
Rev. Gerald Gregson, M.A. 
Rev. J. B. McLaurin, D.D. 
Rev. Richard B. Oliver 
Rev. J. D. Paterson, L.Th. 
Rev. George C. Pidgeon, 

D.D., LL.D. 
Rev. J. Chas. Stern. B.Th. 

Isaac Erb, M.D. 

W. T. Hamilton, M.D. 

J. M. Waters, M.D., CM. 

H. W. Bickerstaff 

Harry P. Brown 

George N. Elliot 

Donald M. Fleming, K.C., LL.B. 

T. S. Gartshore 

J. E. Gray. M.A., B.Paed. 

W. J. Lind 

A. C. Thompson 

S. C. Welby 



Rev. John McNicol, B.A., D.D Principal-Emeritus 

Rev. J. B. Rhodes, M.A., Th.D Principal 

Rev. C. A. Armstrong, M.A Registrar 

Rev. D. A. Burns, B.A., B.Th Supt. of Student Activities 

Rev. D. E. Raymer, B.A.Sc Secretary 

Cyril Redford Director of Music 

Rev. Andrew MacBeath, M.A., B.D. Miss Eria Robinson, B.A. 


The National Anthem 

Hymn No. 1 : — "Join all the glorious names" 

Anthem by the College Student Body: — 
"We Gather Together" 

Scripture Reading and Prayer: — Rev. Dixon A. Bums 

Hymn-Anthem: The Evangelistic Choir and Marion Crowley- 

Newby : —"Still, still with Thee" 

IWords of Welcome : — The Principal 

Anthem by the Evangelistic Choir :--- 
"The Lord is my Shepherd" 

Words of Witness by Graduating Students: — 
Patricia Hamilton, lone Essery, Jean Hill. 

Ladies' Double Trio: — "There is a Green Hill" 

Words of Witness by Graduating Students: — 

Neville Phills, Chris. Costerus, Seymour Boyce. 

Male Quartette: — "Thy Way, Not Mine, O Lord" 

The President's Message: — Mr. Wm. Inrig 

Offering for the College 

|Hvnin No. 2:- -"A Mighty Fortress is our God" 
(Graduating Class Hymn) 

Anthem by the Evangelistic Choir: — 
"And the Glory of the Lord" 

Presentation of Diplomas and Certificates by the Principal 
and the new President, Mr. Wm. Inrig 

Prayer of Dedication: — Rev. J. Chas. Stern 

Choral Blessing 
Hymn No. 3: — The College Hymn 

Benediction: The Principal-Emeritus 


May 3rd, 1951 
To Our Friends and Visitors • 

This program of song and testimony will bring to a close 
the 57th session of Toronto Bible College. 

You will be interested to note the following facts: 

1. Graduate members of the College are serving under 56 
different Mission Boards and in 33 countries at the present 

2. There are 225 young men and women studying ^B 
Toronto Bible College and an additional 150 attending 
the Evening Classes. 

3. This training is made available to all for a nominal fee 
which covers only about 15% of the cost of training. 

4. Toronto Bible College is not maintained by endowments 
or by any denomination but is dependent from year to 
year on the free will gifts of Christian friends who recog- 
nize the value of its work as a " of all the 

The financial requirements of this ever-widening service 
will, we trust, be balanced by an increa::ng number of 
Christian friends who will support the work wi h their prayers 
and gifts. 

We earnestly invite you to have a share in training youi^B 
people at Toronto Bible College for Chri tian service in this 
time of the world's great need. 

For your convenience an envelope and cheque form are 
herewith supplied. If you use either for a contribution, 
kindly fill in your name and address, and we shall send you 
a receipt and place your name on our mailing list for further 
announcements of College activities. 

On behalf of the Board of Governors, 

G. G. Richardson Wm. Inrig 

Treasurer President 


Name Home Address 
Shirley Mae Abbott Orillia, Ontario 

Thelma Noreen Atkinson, A.T.C.M Uxbridge, Ontario 

Tiieodore Wesley Joseph Boadway Stouffville, Ontario 

Seymour DevereBoyce Barbados. British West^lndies 

Muriel Jean Buchanan, Reg. N. 

Christiaan Musgrove Costerus 
Joan Cunningham 

Dorothy Margaret Duncan 
Helen Louise Dyall 

Harry Whittfield Edwards 
lone Marjorie Essery 

James William Files 

John Francis Gray 

Eileen Phyllis Greenwood. Reg. N. 

Patricia May Hamilton 
Lorraine Audrey Harbottle 
Robert Melvin Hetherington 

Jean Elizabeth Hill 
Marjorie Anne Hill 
Elsie Jean Hopkins 
Joyce Vera Hynes 

Eileen Dorothy Langthorne 
Kmma Jean Leverton 

Dorothv Kathleen MacMillan 
Alexander Sylvester Markham 
Donclda McLean 
Elsa Lillis Moffet 

Jean Marguerite Oteri 

Isobel Marie Peters. Reg. N. 
Neville Wentworth Phills 

Frances Clara Quinnell 

Olive Joyce Reed 

Henry Salmi 
Mabel Sawyer 
Josephine Elizabeth Skalik 
Fred Douglas Spencer 

Joyce Marion Taylor 
Dorothy Maude Thorp 

Armand Valenti 

Mary Helen Ward 
Ruth Marie Wigle 

Havelock. Ontario 

Shanghai, China 
Verdun, Quebec 

Oakville. Ontario 
Montreal, Quebec 

Northmount, Ont. 
Kenora, Ontario 

Petrolia. Ontario 

Toronto, Ontario 
Strathroy. Ontario 

Buffalo, New York 
Guelph. Ontario ' 
Saint John, New Brunswick 

Toronto, Ontario 

Toronto, Ontario 

Peterborough, Ontario 

Campbell's Bay. Quebec 

Arcadia, Nova Scotia 
St. Thomas, Ontario 

Montreal, Quebec 

Montreal, Quebec 

Kingston, Ontario 

Calgary, Alberta 

Oxford, Nova Scotia 

Colborne, Ontario 
Curacao, Netherlands West Indies 

Verdun, Quebec 

Redbridge. Ontario 

Verdun, Quebec 

Fenelon Falls. Ontario 

Toronto. Ontario 

Falmouth. Nova Scotia 

Montreal, Quebec 
London. Ontario 

Worcester, Massachusetts 

Waldemar. Ontario 
Kingsville, Ontario 


Maud Brooks 
Sadie B. Brothers 
Ruth A. Donnan 
John Alexander Downey 
John William Dray 
Esther Gunson Drury 
Muriel Elliott 
John James Fryer 
Kenneth Griese 

Doris May Harper 
Evelyn Olive Mary Judd 
Gwendolyn Joyce Kirk 
Isobel Maud Mcintosh 
Helen Scott 
Ona Seelhoff 
I.enore P. Sharpc 
Dudley A. Ward 
Dorothy E. Willmot 


Gordon E. Gray Mary J. Locke